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What is a handicap bet? #7 Effective Tips for Playing Handicap Bets with a 100% Win Rate

What is a handicap bet? This is one of the familiar choices for professional players on online football betting sites. However, if you are a beginner or new to betting, you need to research thoroughly before making a choice.

What is a handicap bet in football?

Handicap bet, Asian handicap, or running ball are all terms referring to betting on a match while it is in progress. They are applied within a certain period and can change constantly.

Usually, the odds for running ball bets will change after 2 - 5 minutes, so players need to be quick to place their bets. This type of bet is attractive because we can follow the match and make decisions based on the developments on the field.

Especially, sometimes just winning one handicap bet can reverse the entire losing match or earn a considerable amount of money. Some other types of bets are fixed and need to be placed before the match and wait for the result.

But handicap bets are different; as long as there is time and the bookmaker offers the odds, you can bet comfortably. In some heated matches, the odds may change minute by minute for betting.

Basic guide to viewing handicap odds for betting enthusiasts

In a football match, if you choose to play this running ball bet, you don't need to care about the previous results, how many goals were scored...

What we need to know is how the result will change from the moment you place your bet. In other words, the bet is only counted when your bet is accepted.

Basic guide to viewing odds.

In Vietnam, this type of bet is often associated more with the over/under odds because of its simplicity and ease of understanding. In general, as long as you understand the basic principles of reading football odds, you will understand the rules and place bets.

In fact, these bets are similar to the usual bets we often play, but the difference is that they change over time during the match.

Sharing how to bet on handicap

To make accurate choices, we need to know how to place the most accurate handicap bets. When the match starts, the bookmaker's odds for this bet will appear on the betting board, and we can bet easily.

Basic guide to reading handicap odds.

For example, in the betting board, the result of the two teams is 00 and the over/under odds are 1. If you choose under, you win when no goals are scored. Conversely, if you choose over 1, you need 2 goals to be scored to win.

If there is only one goal scored, the bet is a draw. Usually, these running ball odds will change constantly, so we need to be quick when choosing.

However, whether the bet is accepted or not also depends on the speed of the network and the time for each bookmaker to change odds. It can be said that when choosing to bet while the match is in progress, it also depends a lot on luck.

Fortunately, we can analyze the match live, play, and increase our chances of winning or reversing the situation. The risk is that the favorable odds may be rejected, or in a spontaneous betting moment, losing may lead to even more losses.

For those aiming to optimize their winning potential, seeking out free football betting tips can offer invaluable assistance. These specialized resources provide expert analysis and match predictions tailored to specific games, empowering bettors to make informed decisions as events unfold. By utilizing free football betting tips, bettors can gain a competitive edge and seize profitable betting opportunities as they emerge.

Calculating Rung Bet Winnings

Rung bets are constantly changing based on the announcements made by the bookmakers. Your winning amount is calculated based on the odds at the time you place your bet, which is clearly stated on the betting slip and used to determine the outcome.

If you win, the formula to calculate your betting amount is as follows: Winning amount = Initial betting amount x odds at the time of betting

For example, if you place a Total Goals rung bet at the 25th minute with odds of 0.75, this odds will be used to calculate your final winnings. Even if the odds change to 1.2 by the 50th minute or later, you will still only win according to the initial odds of 0.75.

For instance, if you bet 100,000 VND, then the winning amount would be 100,000 x 0.75 = 75,000 VND. Refer to the entire method of calculating winnings in football betting to quickly calculate your winnings and losses.

Common Questions and Answers when Betting on Rung Bets

For those who are new to online football betting, feeling confused when betting on this type of bet is normal. Here are some answers to common questions to boost your confidence when placing bets:

a) When does the rung bet start in the match? The rung bet starts as soon as the match kicks off and continues throughout the game. In other words, as long as the game is in progress, the rung bet remains active, and we still have many opportunities to make money.

You will see green and red arrows constantly appearing on the bet board, similar to a stock market board. Specifically:

Red arrows indicate that the odds for that bet are decreasing.

Green arrows indicate that the odds for that bet are increasing.

b) Is extra time considered when playing a rung bet? Many people believe that there is no rung bet during extra time, but this is not the case. The rung bet only stops when the referee blows the final whistle, and the last minutes can still be used to effectively earn extra money.

c) Which matches should I play rung bets on? A tip for you is to choose friendly matches because there is a higher chance of more goals being scored. Additionally, these matches are more relaxed, and there are fewer surprises for players.

You should also refer to the experience of choosing football bets to increase your chances of winning.

d) How should I allocate time to place rung bets properly? You should only focus on playing rung bets in one match to have time to observe, predict, and control your finances. Furthermore, you should not place bets continuously in each match, and 3-4 bets are the best choice.

e) When is the best time to place rung bets? Each person has their own opinion, so the choice of betting time is not fixed. However, professional players believe that placing bets at the beginning of the match when both teams are fresh is suitable for Over bets. As for Handicap bets, they should be chosen at the end of the half or the end of the match. Typically, the second half is more intense, so this is when players are most involved.

Moreover, the bet board also updates a lot of information, making it easy to choose.

7 Winning Strategies for Playing Rung Bets

Winning is something that every player desires. To achieve this, you need to invest a lot of time, effort, and consult the following tips from experienced players:

Avoid major tournaments: The reason is that major matches have too much risk, and the number of participants is large, so the odds may not be as high as expected. Typically, smaller matches and tournaments are easier to predict and have less pressure.

Furthermore, these tournaments are less followed by the public, and bookmakers also do not want to influence the results. This means that if you make the right prediction and can analyze the information before the match, your chances of winning will be higher.

Choose the right bet: According to experience, if both teams play offensive, it's best to choose Over. Conversely, if the defensive play is solid, and there are fewer goals scored, then Under is the best choice.

Choose matches in your field of expertise: Predicting matches in your favorite field, favorite teams will have a very high winning probability. This is because you have a good understanding of the tournament, the team's situation, and can provide the best analysis.

Participate in HT Rung betting strategies: When it comes to matches with a scoreline of 0 - 0, closely monitor the hdc index within the first 10 minutes. If there's a rapid decrease in this index during this timeframe, you might want to opt for the Under option (especially if the drop occurs within 10 minutes) and avoid betting if it doesn't. On the other hand, if the FT bet remains steady while the HT bet experiences frequent fluctuations, it's wise to act decisively. By integrating these strategies with insights from Series Soccer Tips, you can elevate your betting skills and seize lucrative opportunities in soccer today.

Match Analysis

To make the best predictions, you need to closely follow the match developments and delve into various details such as team line-ups, tactics, coaches, head-to-head history, injuries, etc.

In football betting, having more information is advantageous. Each piece of information serves as a variable that can influence the final outcome, so pay attention to every detail.

Sometimes, when the odds are favorable, you can apply the football accumulator betting strategy to wager on multiple matches simultaneously.

Understanding Different Betting Options

To effectively play Rung bets, you must know how to read football odds and recognize the indicators on the betting board. This is crucial for timing your bets accurately.

Avoiding Overcommitment

Focus on one match instead of spreading your money and time across multiple matches in a day. This way, you'll gain deeper insights into pre-match factors and make better assessments as the match progresses.

This approach also helps you make better predictions, alleviates psychological pressure, and encourages disciplined play rather than reckless gambling. If you feel the odds are not favorable, consider avoiding football bets to salvage your stake rather than risking a complete loss.

When is the Best Time to Bet Rung?

Rung betting kicks off as soon as the match begins, meaning you can participate and earn rewards right from the start.

While Rung bets may seem straightforward, they require strategic timing for optimal results.

The golden window for placing these bets is typically when the match has been underway for at least 15 minutes. This is when both teams have showcased their strengths, and you can make better assessments of their capabilities.

For those betting on the entire match, the ideal time to start betting in the second half is around 10 - 15 minutes in.

At this point, both teams are likely to deploy all their tactics, making it easier to make predictions, especially if there's a goal difference.

Avoid rushing to place bets when the match starts, as both teams are still sizing each other up, and the real intensity often unfolds towards the end of the match. Betting early may not yield high winning odds.


With these insights, we hope newcomers understand what Rung bets are and how to read odds accurately.

Theory is essential, but achieving success demands closely monitoring the match, making astute predictions, trusting your instincts, and mastering the rules of each betting platform.

Additionally, leveraging premium soccer tips can elevate your betting journey to new heights. These tips offer invaluable insights and analysis, often from seasoned experts, empowering you to make well-informed decisions and potentially boost your chances of winning. Integrating these premium tips into your betting approach allows you to fine-tune your predictions and optimize your returns.


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